Find Sum of Series

December 19, 2015


What is the sum of the following series? Click for solution: Sum of Series

Find the 77th term in the Sequence

December 5, 2015


Find the 77th term in the sequence 1/2, 1/6, 1/12, 1/20 ……………………………. Hint: Use the method of Finite Difference” Click for solution to Sequence 77th term

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Which number is larger?

November 28, 2015


Find the largest of the 3 numbers:          25555                           33333                             62222 Things to Remember: Laws of Exponents   First Law: am x an = am+n  Second Law: am […]

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Laws of Motion – When Does the Box Slide off the Truck

October 8, 2015


The rear side of the truck is open and a box of 40 kg mass is place 5 m away from open end. The coefficient of friction between the box and surface of truck is 0.15. On a straight road, the truck starts to accelerate from rest at 2 m/sec2. What is the distance traveled by […]

Percentage Problem

September 13, 2015


Sahil earns 10% more than Satish and Satish earns 20% more than Swati. If Swati earns Rs17,500 less than Sahil, find the earnings of each Click for solution to Precentage Problem

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CET – Trigonometry Quetsions

August 14, 2015


                Click for Solutions to CET Trigonometric Questions – Solution

CET – Trignometry Questions

August 13, 2015


Click for solutions to CET Trignometric Questions – Solutions


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