Find the Area of the Trapezium

January 26, 2015


Given ABCD is a Trapezium with side AB||CD. AB = 78 cm, CD = 52 cm, AD =28 cm and BC = 30 cm. Find the area of ABCD? Things to Remember: Area of Trapezium: 1/2 (a+b) x h  a and b are the length of parallel side and h is the perpendicular distance between […]

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What is the value of abc?

January 20, 2015


If a, b, c are positive real numbers such that a(b+c) = 32 b(c+a) = 65 c(a+b) = 77 Find the value of abc? Click for solution to Algebra – Find abc

Do you Need a Calculator to Solve This?

January 9, 2015


Find the value of the following (201520142013)2  – 2(201520142014) + (201520142015)2 Hint: You dont need a calculator to calculate such trivial problems Click for solution to Find the value

Hand Shake Problem

November 24, 2014


At a party, every person shakes hands with every other person in the party one time. If there are a total of 66 handshakes, find the number of people in the party? Hint: Handshake is a combination Click for solution to the Handshake Problem

Find the Area of the Shaded Octagon

November 2, 2014


ABCD is a square with side lengths of 8 cm. Also E, F, G and H are midpoints of the sides of the squares. Lines are drawn from vertices A, B , C and D so as to from a octagon at the center. Find the area of the octagon Hint: Using the equations of […]

How Well Do You Know Logs

October 30, 2014


Find the value of the  9log34 without using log tables or log values? Things to Remember: Logarithm Rules: Multiplication Rule: Logb mn = Logb m + Logb n Division Rule:Logb (m/n) = Logb m – Logb n Exponent Rule:Logb mn = n Logb m Log to the Same Base Rule: Logb b = 1 Click […]

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Geometry Problem – Find the Area of the Square

October 29, 2014


In the given figure ABCD is a square. A circle is drawn in such a way that it passes from point B and touches AD and CD at E and F respectively. A line OB is drawn perpendicular to EF. Given that OB = 6 cm, find the area of the square. Assume that center […]


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