CET – Trigonometry Quetsions

August 14, 2015


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CET – Trignometry Questions

August 13, 2015


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Linear Equations – Word Problem

June 22, 2015


Kanishk says to Tarun, “If you give me Rs 100 rupees, I will be twice as rich as you are”. Tarun replies to Kanishk, “If you give me Rs 10, I will be 6 times as rich as you”. Find out how much money is with Kanishk and Tarun?   Click for solution to Linear […]

Find the Area of the Square?

June 21, 2015


Given ABC is a right triangle with angle B = 900. AB = BC = 6 cm DEFG is a square. Find the Area of the square? Click for solution to Area of Square

When do the Cars Meet?

June 19, 2015


A red car and a blue car set off from the same point to travel the same journey. The red car has a start of three minutes before the blue car sets off. If the red car travels at 40km/hr and the blue car travels at 60km/hr  , how many kilometres will have been travelled when the […]

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Multiplication Made Simple

April 28, 2015


Problems Involving GCD and LCM

April 25, 2015


1. Find the greatest 6 digit number exactly divisible by 24, 15, and 36? 2. Find the smallest number which when divided by 35, 56 and 91 leaves a remainder of 7? 3. A rectangular courtyard is 18 m 72 cm long and 13 m 20 cm broad. It is to be paved with square […]

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