Advanced Trigonometric Equations

October 15, 2014


If Sin8ϴ + Cos8ϴ = 17/32 for 0≤ ϴ<π. Find the sum of all possible values of ϴ?   Click for solutions to Advanced Trigonometric Equations

Probability Problems

October 5, 2014


1. What is the probability that in a given non leap year there will be 53 Sundays? 2. What is the probability that in a leap year there will be 53 Sundays? Click for Solution to Probability Problems

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Coordinate Geometry – Distance Between Parallel Line

October 4, 2014


Solve the following: Two sides of a square lie on the straight lines   “2x+3y +7 =0″  and “2x+3y+11 = 0″.  If the area of the square can be written as “a/b” where a and b are positive co-prime integers, find the value of a+b? Things to Remember:  Distance Between Parallel Lines: b1 = Y […]

Cubes – Mind Bender

October 2, 2014


How many cubes of size 2 must be added to a cube of size 8 to make it a size 12 cube? Click for Cube Solution

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Find the Sum of the following Sequence of Numbers

September 24, 2014


Find the sum of the following sequence: 1.           13+23+33+43+  ————- + n3 2.     (1 x 2) +(2 x 3)+(3 x 4)+———-+[n x (n+1)] Click for Solution to Sum of Cubes – Example 1 Click for solution to Sum of Series – Example 2 Click for Sum of Squares

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Solve the Equation Below to Find m+n

September 18, 2014


Given that 1. ambn = x and 2. cmdn = y Find the value of m+n? Hint: Use the log function to solve the problem Click for Log Rules Click for solution to Log Problems

SAT Question of the Day – Find the Area of the Square

September 15, 2014


In the figure below Triangle ABC is a right triangle with angle B = 900. Each of the sides AB = BC = 6 units. Find the area of the red square   Hint: Use the concept of similar triangles to solve the problem Click for solution to Question of Day – Sep 15th solution


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